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Leaders Eat....First?

Leaders Eat ....First? Adversity introduces a person to themselves and also a leader to those they are charged with leading. Whether it's the political or corporate arena, there is an almost visceral and primitive response to knowing that those charged with protecting us, taking care of our interests, have put their own interests first, perhaps even to the detriment of ours. Without swift, authentic damage control to restore trust and respect, it is typically an act of professional suicide.

In his book "Leaders Eat Last", Simon Sinek explores what it means to be a leader and touches on one fundamental shared need of all human beings: the need to feel safe, emotionally, physically, financially. This is no small thing. When we feel safe our brains and bodies are in an optimised state to manage challenges, creatively problem-solve, operate with compassion, be flexible and make 'good' decisions. The result? Mitigation of human risk and the financial and non-financial losses that result from it.

Whether in the chamber room, the boardroom or the courtroom, leaders must remember the critical role that safety plays in the mitigation of human risk. They must remember the critical role that they play in providing the safety that mitigates human risk. hashtag#humanriskhashtag#leadership

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