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Behavioural Risk

Behavioural risk is the possibility of undesirable risk outcomes caused by poor workforce behaviours (or conduct) and the cultural factors that drive them. Unwanted, intentional decisions & behaviours, manifesting as non-compliance, or misconduct, fraud, or bullying, harassment or discrimmination, all stem from human factors. The effective management of human-based risk therefore requires more than increasingly complex systems and processes - it requires an evidence-based understanding of common and individual human drivers, human emotional states that consciously and unconsciously, underpin cognitive performance, decision-making and behaviour.

Working from her proprietary Human Risk Management Framework ©, Rachel partners with you to increase knowledge informed by the human sciences, particularly brain-science, regarding the underlying drivers  or internal inputs into observable output, namely human behaviour.  This knowledge helps leaders and their teams identify and mitigate human-based risk within their organisation.


Rachel also collaborates with culture, compliance & ethics specialists in the UK & Europe regions to support her global clients. 

Human Risk Assessment Tool™
  • Human Risk Assessment incorporating Psychosocial Risk Assessment  & Culture Assessment

  • Global country specific Human Risk legislative & regulatory compliance check where relevant

  • Policy alignment review

  • Gap analysis report

  • Strategic roadmap

  • Human Risk report for Board

Human Risk Taxonomy Overlay Tool™
  • A tool that can be adapted to your organisation's specific risk profile as well as including the most common human risk areas we know exist but are rarely noted in taxonomies.  

  • The Tool can be used with existing taxonomies to inform strategy that REDUCES HUMAN RISK and simultaneously OPTIMISES HUMAN POTENTIAL.

Science Informed Executive Education
  • Best-practice, evidenced-based targeted education, including: ​

  • Brain-informed Human Risk Literacy for Board, C-Level & beyond

Facilitation, mediation & troubleshooting
  • Facilitation of Q&A meetings and trouble shooting sessions. 

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