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Character & Culture

The human brain is a social organ and evolved to function within a matrix of other brains. Our neurological, physiological and ultimately behavioural responses are directly and profoundly influenced by our interactions with others - human relationships are in effect, the brain's primary environment.

Culture reflects the essence of an organisation, the individual and collective characters, values and norms of those within it that shape behaviour and mindsets.

Progressive leaders who are skilled at creating safe, healthy brain cultures that operate with ‘collective consciousness’, in effect, a ‘collective conscience’, where business needs, employee needs and external stakeholders needs are not mutually exclusive but aligned and managed in way that meets business, ethical, legal and human needs - have a significant competitive advantage.

Rachel has partnered with Character and Culture leader, ShareTree Organisation, to offer the following supports to her clients. 

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Culture Assessment
& Roadmap
  • Assessment, Cost Measurement & Gap Analysis

  • Purpose, Vision & Goal Alignment, Recommendations

  • Culture DNA Values Setting

  • Organisational Evolution Review

  • Team Culture Survey

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Character & Culture DNA Recruitment & Retention
  • Recruit for character & values alignment.

  • Individual Charametrics Assessements

  • Supports organisational efficiency & performance while also a preventative human risk management control.

  • Implementation of Initiatives

  • Monthly Culture Reporting

  • Ongoing Measurable Business Impact

  • Long-Term Partnership Support

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Culture Connect Technology
  • ShareTree app

  • Real-Time Culture Measurement 

  • Real-Time Emotional Pulse Check-Ins & Heatmap

  • AI Driven Early Warning Identification

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