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Brainwise Leadership

Informed by leading-edge research from the frontiers of neuroscience, business & psychology, Rachel translates the science of brain-body communication in simple terms for more effective leadership of self and of others.

This knowledge provides a powerful mechanism for understanding our attitudes, behaviours, and decisions, ultimately teaching us the tools by which to take the reins to our own self, thinking and responding mindfully with intention not reactively in a way that harms ourselves or others. 

The translation and application of core neuroscientific learnings offers the potential to unlock the brain's full capacity by creating the ideal cognitive and psychological state to enable higher-brain networks to perform to optimally.

When operating optimally, we increase our capacity not only to learn, grow, adapt and cope with stressors but also to access, protect and optimise our higher-order abilities to reason, plan, make decisions, judge and problem-solve: the very skills we are employed for. 


Specialist SME Board Advisory & Bespoke Board Education 

Leading-edge neuro-education sessions: Group & 1:1 Executive Development

Bespoke sessions may include topics as follows: ​

  • Brain science for the Brainwise Leader

  • The biochemistry of peak performance

  • Understanding & harnessing neuroplasticity for learning & growth

  • Stress, Cognition & Human Performance: attention, decision-making, memory, empathy, relationships

  • Protecting against cognitive decline - protecting your future

  • Understanding your Neuro-Diverse workforce

  • Maximising Team 'Collective Intelligence '- Creating the 'C-Factor'

  • The science of trust

  • The psychology of conflict 

  • More

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