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Creating a Psychologically Safe Workplace with Rachel King

Employees are increasingly expecting their employers to create workplaces that prioritises their wellbeing and provide them with free mental health support. We also see governments all around the world, especially Australia, introducing legislations that enforce the creation of psychologically safe workplaces. With all these changes coming, we speak to our guest Rachel King who unpacks what all these changes mean for employers.

About Rachel:

Today’s guest is Rachel King who runs the company Human Risk Management, where she is dedicated to sharing her knowledge with boards, CEOs and their teams to help them meet their legal and regulatory obligations around Human Risk. This includes Mental Health Risk while also increasing the value of their most valuable asset, their human capital.

In this episode, we dive deep into answering the following thorny questions:

2.05: How Rachel got started.

3.30: What happens when the brain is constantly under stress?

7.00: What are common psychosocial hazards at work?

11.05: What is the role of EAP to support employees mental health?

19.03: What does successful workplace wellbeing look like?

22.35: What does psychological safety mean?

28.10: Is mental health first aid training valuable for managers?

33.15: The importance of developing self awareness and checking in with yourself.

36.25: How do you get leadership buy in and show the ROI of employee wellbeing support?

41.36: What is Rachel’s one wellbeing practice?

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