The key to competitive advantage for progressive leaders & their organ

  • We work from our proprietary Mental Health Risk Management Model to ensure your organisation is compliant with relevant legislation and exposure to internal & external stakeholder litigation risk is mitigated.

  • We complete an audit, gap analysis and roadmap for your organisation that aims not only to protect the valuable mental capital of those within your organisation, the sum of which comprises your organisation's total mental capital.

  • We work with you to identify psychological hazards in your workplace environment, both in-office and at home environments.

  • We educate based on neuroscientific principles about environments and behaviours that create psychological safety & those that create fear and comprise optimal mental capacity

  • We work on a biopsychosocial holistic model of mental health to grow scientifically informed leaders

  • We tailor a structured mental health literacy education curriculum for your organisation starting with foundational knowledge and building on this. Courses include Mental Health First Aid Australia Training, along with bespoke proprietary sessions

  • We then work with you to grow and optimise the value of organisational mental capital. The result is sustainable productivity & profitability that respects all stakeholders.